It was my planning period in early October when I realized that I didn't want to teach anymore.

I was a Middle School English teacher.

I had only ever wanted to be a teacher.


So when I had this realization, it was…devastating and terrifying. I was still paying off my undergrad degree, and currently about halfway through getting my masters degree (also in education). My degree was a Bachelor’s in Middle Level Education with concentrations in Language Arts and Science - which made me believe that’s all I could do with my degree - either teach Middle School English or Middle School Science. Nothing else. What else could I possibly do with such a super-specific degree?


Since it was only October and I hadn’t been teaching for that long, I tried everything to reignite my passion and love for being in the classroom. But I knew deep down in my heart that it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore.

It took a ton of research (and a lot of tears and frustration), but at the end of that school year, I finally landed a job outside of the classroom.

Since leaving teaching, I've...

  • Negotiated a salary increase of 46%

  • Worked at a University and in corporate settings

  • Worked from home full-time

  • Interviewed with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, David's Bridal, UnitedHealthcare, and more

  • Become a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Digital Career Strategist

I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned since making the decision to leave teaching with teachers who want to transition to other careers - so I started The Right Fit Career Coaching.


My main goal is to help you determine what your options are and help you figure out which options are best for YOU.


I can help you determine if you truly want to leave teaching or not - and if you don’t want to leave teaching, that’s GREAT! I can help you get the resources you need to avoid burnout and reignite your passion for education.


If you want to move on from teaching, I can help you determine your next steps, what options you have, and work with you to build a roadmap for getting you there.

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